Sarah Tolmie - Life & Love Trainings

Sarah Tolmie is a holistic celebrant, marriage therapist, relationship coach, bespoke funeral director and end-of-life consultant.

As a Marrigae Therapist and Relationship and Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Sarah's motivation is to help heal and evolve the world towards more love, light and joy. Sarah's vision is to support, teach, mentor and empower individuals, couples, families and communities to evolve into love, intimacy, meaning-making and conscious connection.

Sarah's training courses (Creating a Miracle Marriage & How Do You Feel) aim to help people develop their wisdom, knowledge, wellbeing and skills in life & love - in all their relationships.

In her end-of-life and holistic death care work, Sarah brings a lifetime of love, expertise and compassion to families experiencing the dying, death and funeral of a loved one.

Sarah's conversation starter videos - Landscapes of Life & Love and Loss - is an invitation in for individuals, families and comunities to hold safe space, maintain connection and create meaning through death & dying and grief.

Creating a Miracle Marriage

How to create and sustain lifelong loving, evolving and wellbeing in Marriage & Committed Union

Online Course for Couples

Online course for couples looking to create lifelong loving, joy & intimacy in Marriage & Committed Union.

The course offers a unique and comprehensive relationship coaching experience that goes both deep and practical with all video tutorials delivered personally by Sarah.


These teachings are based on Sarah's lived, loved and proven Miracle Marriage method, outlined in her eBook, Miracle Marriage Manifesto, and underpinned by her training in Gottman Institute Couples Therapy.

Landscapes of Life & Love & Loss

Traversing the pathways of dying, death and grief

FREE Course for anyone and everyone

In a series of 5 short videos Sarah explores how to begin the conversations about dying, death and grief. She covers how we think about death, how to prepare and plan for a death and the funeral.

Sarah also explores the shock at death and the many landscapes of grief and some ways to soften and caretake those experiences as well as how to support others in the experience of grief too.

Sarah discusses the ongoing 'meaning making' and integration back into life & love after a death. She also includes a free handbook resource to download to help you begin the conversation with your family and friends.

How do you feel?

Using the intelligence of our emotions to heal and be whole.

Online Course to help all of us to better FEEL

This course outlines the nature and movement of our feelings and how we can understand and work with our emotions.

Sarah covers the foundations of developing our capacity to bring skill and understanding to our emotional experiences and offers her Emotions Essentials Toolkit of skills and practices that help to build both emotional resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Sarah also explores indepth 12 Primary Emotions and what their 'jobs' areand how to work with them with skill and fluency.

Sarah’s Life & Love

Sarah brings magic, miracles and meaning to all things Life & Love as a holistic celebrant, marriage therapist, life & love and relationship coach, end-of-life consultant and bespoke funeral director.

Before her Masters in Communication Management and more than a decade long career in corporate communications, Sarah’s first academic degree was in Social Anthropology and Psychology, igniting a passion that never left her for the human condition, social wellness & relationships.

in 2005 Sarah returned to her passion following the call of ceremony & ritual as a celebrant, and being in service to individuals, couples and families helping them to navigate the emotional, practical, relational and spiritual challenges of life and love’s journey as a coach, therapist and consultant.

Sarah now lives beachside on the NSW Central Coast and takes the ‘slow and scenic route’ towards a life full of love and laughter. She describes her adventures in Life & Love as close encounters with life and death, love and loss, joy and transformation.

Sarah credits her wellbeing to meditation, prayer and daily homage to her beach, as well as her life-sustaining friendships with amazing women and her hero mentor, her wise and beautiful mum. She proudly declares herself an ‘undomestic goddess’.

Along the way Sarah discovered community choirs, local activism, surf lifesaving, ocean swimming, hiking and has an on again/off again unfaithful relationship with yoga, as well as also dabbling in laughter yoga, bad singing and ‘binge meditating’ – preferably in a hammock - or at her favourite rock at a secret sacred location!

Sarah is always looking for any excuse to laugh, dance and sing! And drink good Champagne !

She has been married to the love of her life, Andrew for 25 years (and re-marries him every 7years, recently celebrating their 4th wedding) and has two gorgeous, man-sized sons, Finn (23) and Rory (20). She is also in a passionate relationship with her ‘fur-child’ Harvey-dog.

"Sarah was able to guide us in the right direction. Working with Sarah has been an emotional roller coaster that we had to ride as a couple to live our best life together and we couldn’t be happier. She has given us the ability to see our relationship as a living organism that requires attention and I am so grateful. Sarah offers such a warm and understanding atmosphere conducive to sharing and divulging our inner most fears and issues. I know the tools she have given us will be used daily and will only continue to improve our relationship.."

- Lisa and Cameron