Watch Foundations Video 1 from the course How Do You Feel?

How do you respond to the question - how do you feel? Do you answer honestly? Do you know? Do you know what your feelings are communicating to you and the intelligence they hold?

Join me, (Sarah Tolmie - Therapist) to enter the sacred territory of our emotional world. Let’s get curious and bring to this exploration our willingness to partner with our emotional intelligences with great compassion, consciousness and care. I’ll teach you some simple skills, practices and processes to be with and understand your emotions. I’ll go deeper on the role of empathy and empathic intelligence

I’ll cover the movement of emotions and how they are our passport through life and love and how to do 'feelings first' with yourself and your most important relationships. And we will explore the meanings of some primary emotions and how to work with them.

So, how do you feel? Excited? Curious? Ready!

In this course you will be taken you on a teaching journey through the world of feelings and emotions.

  • 4 x Videos (Foundations) on how our emotions work and how to work with them
  • 6x Videos (Practicum) provide a practical suite of skills - your Emotions Essentials Toolkit.
  • 8 x Videos (Deep Dive) delves into 12 Primary Emotions and how they work
  • Bonus Video on Healing and Forgiveness

Section 1 - Foundations

How do you feel?

These 4 x videos offer the foundations for understanding the role our emotions play in cultivating wholeness and wellbeing.

Sarah will step you through the progressive skills of emotional awareness, empathy and empathic intelligence and outline the movement and nature of emotions.

She will introduce the 'feelings first' approach to life and love and how it is your passport to journey through all your relationships and create trust, connection and intimacy

Section 2 - Practicum

Emotions Essential Toolkit

In this section of the course Sarah takes you into a practical and experiential learning space sharing the essential basics for cultivating your own strong emotional wellbeing practice.

Over 6 x video tuturials Sarah starts your immersion into becoming a master 'feeler' - with skills such as grounding, presencing, breath, creating healthy boundaries and owning your own energetic field.

Sarah shares techniques to help you stay safe in the feeling of strong emotions and how to then move them on - such as tapping and 'conscious complaining' and using symbol & ritual.

Section 3 - Deep Dive

Primary Emotions 101

In this section, Sarah takes us through 12 x Primary Emotions - explaining them in a new and revealing way. What is their 'job'? How do they show up to help and guide us? How can we dialogue with our emotions to understand their message and the actions needed to give them right honour and response?

Sarah explains how to cultivate a healthy expression of each emotion - Anger, Sadness, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Happiness, Contentment, Joy and LOVE

Our emotions are a key intelligence source that when understand and respected - can serve you well in life and love.

A Holistic Approach

Sarah will take you on a teaching journey on how to feel.

Understanding feeling and emotions - developing emotional wellbeing, balance and intelligence - takes awareness, practice, consciousness and skill.

For a long time in our western culture, our emotional life and our emotional experiences and emotional intelligence has been much maligned and sometimes even ridiculed. Our emotions have been given less credibility and substance than our thinking intelligences. Even more trust is given to our physical body experiences than our emotional ones. This has not served us well.

Emotional skill and resilience and utliling empathic intelligence is at the core of healthy relationships and our personal wellbeing and wholeness. Our healing begins with our emotions.

As a holistic practitioner Sarah gives equal weight to our whole person experience - mind, body, emotions AND and spirit too. 

You, and every relationship you experience, will feel the benefits of this work.